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Industrial Rail™ 4-4-2 Atlantic Steam Locomotive



According to Whyte notation a steam locomotive that has a two-axle leading truck, two powered driving axles and a one-axle trailing truck is referred to as a 4-4-2 or "Atlantic". Atlantics, while not well-fitted for mountain runs or long distances, were perfect for short runs at 70 -100mph due to the large diameter driving wheels the possessed.

Built for passenger service, many railroads employed the use of this type of steam locomotive for express, commute and local service. One of the most well-known fleets of 4-4-2s were those in the service of the Pennsylvania Railroad, who had many in operation on their rail lines.

Features Include:

  • Die-Cast Steam Locomotive and Tender

  • Based upon Pennsylvania Railroad prototype

  • Puffing smoke

  • Transformer-activated whistle and bell sounds

  • Electrical pickup on both locomotive and tender

  • Illuminated headlight

  • Realistic painting and lettering

O 4-4-2 Atlantic Steam Locomotive
1008005-1 Baltimore & Ohio* 1484
1008006-1 Great Northern 606
1008007-1 Pennsylvania-Reading Seashore Lines 6092

*CSX Licensed Product

MSRP: $159.95

Estimated Delivery: May 2009


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