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O-27 Trolley



Features Include:

  • Self-propelled AC/DC powered operation

  • Compatible with ALL traditionally-sized O & O-27 Trains

  • Features traditional E-unit forward-reverse operation as well as automatic reversing when used with end-of-line bumpers

  • Directional lighting

  • Interior lighting

  • All metal gears

  • Improved roller pick-ups

  • Realistic painting and printing




O-27 Trolley

1008106A Chicago Surface Lines 382
1008106B Chicago Surface Lines 473
1008107A Hershey Transit Co. 21
1008107B Hershey Transit Co. 22
1008108A NYC 3rd Ave. Railway 5
1008108B NYC 3rd Ave. Railway 294
1008109A Philadelphia 5206
1008109B Philadelphia 5208


MSRP: $84.95
Estimated Delivery: July 2008


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