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O-27 Work Train 3-Packs



Want to expand your favorite Industrial Rail Train Set? Atlas O makes it easy with these expansion packs, offering you new cars that complement your current roster and new track assortments that allow you to go beyond the oval.

Compatible with ALL traditionally-sized O/O-27 trains.

Rolling Stock Features Include:

  • Die-cast metal trucks and wheels

  • Needle-point axles

  • Die-cast metal couplers

  • Rugged ABS plastic bodies

  • Detailed underframes

  • Operating doors (where applicable)

  • Realistic painting and printing




O-27 Work Train 3-Packs

1009800 Chessie System* Set $94.95
1009801 Delaware & Hudson Set $94.95
1009802 Norfolk Southern $94.95
1009803 Union Pacific $94.95

*CSX Licensed Product

Estimated Delivery: June 2009


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