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The Atlas O Angel Train™ is a special project of Atlas CEO, Tom Haedrich, who collects 19th and early 20th century religious artifacts with a focus on angel-based objects. The Angel Train™ is the culmination of an idea that he has been working on for years. It finally became a reality after Atlas purchased the Industrial Rail™ train line. Many of the artistic themes of Tom’s antique pieces have been incorporated into the artwork found on the locomotive and passenger cars.  “Each of us has a guardian angel that guides and helps us when needed. We all need an Angel Train now more than ever to bring a little more light into our lives,” Tom said.

The Angel Train Dedication-
When every last hope for human intervention has been found wanting;
When many forms of scientific discovery have led to nowhere.
When all that's left you is perhaps a small belief and distant prayer
you may have heard or learned as a child.
That's when you know, in the recesses of your mind, that you have
someone to turn and reach out to;
The only one who might possibly intercede, in most sincere prayer, on
our behalf to a loving and merciful One.
I thank God for each of our Angels in whose belief and faith I
dedicate the 'Atlas O Angel Train'.

All net profits from the sale of the Atlas O Angel Train Set will be donated to the charitable works for the poor and needy carried on daily by the priests, sisters and laity of The Shrine of St. Joseph, Stirling New Jersey.

Angel Train™ Special Features:

  • Based on the primary Archangels-Gabriel (locomotive), Michael and
    Raphael (cars)

  • Locomotive sounds-Church bells and Gabriel’s horn

  • Angel Engineers (with white wings)

  • Angel silhouette acrylic sheets on combine and coach windows

  • "White Cloud" Roadbed Track

  • Metallic gold and blue paint scheme

Locomotive Features Include:

  • Die-Cast Steam Locomotive and Tender

  • Puffing smoke

  • Transformer-activated sounds

  • Electrical pickup on both locomotive and tender

  • Illuminated headlight

  • Heavenly painting and lettering

Combine & Coach Features Include:

  • Interior illumination

  • Colorful painting and lettering

  • Die-cast trucks and couplers

  • Interior seating

Industrial Rail Track System:

  • New "White Cloud" Roadbed

  • Realistic roadbed track system

  • Prototypical T-shaped rails

  • Snap-lock design ensures positive connections between sections

  • Fully-compatible with the premium Atlas O 21st Century Nickel Silver Track System

  • Compatible with other roadbed track systems


  • UL Listed

  • Traditional heavy-duty design

  • Variable controls for BOTH track and accessory output

  • Compatible with ALL AC-powered locomotives and accessories

  • Horn, bell and direction controls

  • On/off power switch

  • Power and overload indicators

  • Perfect for all train sets and small/medium layouts



1009203 Angel Train™
(40" x 80" layout)
  • 1 pc – "Gabriel" 4-4-2 Steam Locomotive
  • 1 pc – "Raphael" Combine
  • 1 pc – "Michael" Coach
  • 12 pc – O-36 Curve Track
  • 5 pc – 10” Straight Track
  • 1 pc – 10” Straight Terminal Track
  • 1 pc – 80 Watt Power Pack
  • Hook-up wire, smoke fluid, Starter Guide


Estimated Delivery: October 2009


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