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NEW! Color Position Light Signal

(Pre-production mock-up shown)

Many of the PRR-type position light signals are still in service on today's rail lines. Quite a few have been updated to full 3 color aspect signaling. In the position light format, green is vertical, yellow is diagonal and red is horizontal. The center light is usually removed and a blank cover put in its place. Now, Atlas O realistically recreates this signal in miniature. Using the acclaimed 21st Century Signal System electronics, prototypical signaling is a reality for your layout. Fully-compatible with all Atlas O signal products.

Available in both separate-sale and convenient 4-pack packaging. For both 2 and 3-rail operation.

Easy Hook-up – as simple as 1, 2 ,3!

*1 – Connect power from transformer to signal circuit board.

*2 – Connect a single wire from an insulated track section on your 3-rail layout (or detector on your 2-rail layout).

*3 – Plug in your signal to signal circuit board.

It’s that easy!  

For compatible signal products, please visit Custom Signals here

Estimated Delivery: December 2008





#6911 Single Color Position Light
#7911 Single Color Position Light
#6912 4-Pack Color Position Light
#7912 4-Pack Color Position Light


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