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O Deluxe Switch Control Box

Atlas has developed an all new Deluxe Control Switch Box to join our line of reliable electrical components. Practical for all scales and updated to include an illumination feature, this component will help bring your trains to life!

Designed to work in conjunction with the ever popular Atlas #56 Switch Control Box, it will also integrate with the Atlas #200 Snap-Relay or other solenoid activated devices such as the Atlas O #6098 and Atlas #66 Deluxe Under-Table Switch Machines.

Used in conjunction with the Atlas O #6924 Non-Derail Circuit Board, the two products will allow for uninterrupted, safe passage of 3-rail trains over the long insulated closure rails of scale-configured switches.

Updated Wiring instructions as of 8/8/11
Wiring for Switch Throw Controlled LED Illumination
Wiring instructions with Item# 6924 Non-Derail Circuit Board


  • Illuminated red/green LEDs

  • Prototypical lever control of switches

  • Momentary push button activation to prevent accidental switch motor burnout when used in conjunction with the Atlas O #6924 Non-Derail Circuit Board.
     *As per any twin-coil switch machine, it is recommended that you do not activate this button for longer than one second as it could lead to damage of the switch motor.



57 Atlas Deluxe Switch Control Box


MSRP: $12.95

Estimated Delivery: January 2011


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