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O FM Erie-Built Locomotive!

Equipped with LIONEL TrainMaster Command & RailSounds 4.0!

 The Erie-Built dual service locomotive represented the entry of builder Fairbanks-Morse (FM) into the large cab style road locomotive market. With a carbody styled by industrial designer, Raymond Loewy, these 2,000 hp locomotives were actually contracted by FM to be constructed at General Electric's Erie, Pennsylvania plant since they were too large for the capacity of their own shop: hence the identifying name, "Erie-Built". Produced from 1945 through 1949, these visually impressive locomotives operated on some of the nation's largest rail lines from coast to coast.

Each unit is sold separately (except for the limited edition set) so you can expand the loco consist any way that suits your operating needs. A and B units are available in both powered and unpowered versions.

Features Include:

  • True 1/4” dimensions and details
  • Solid die-cast chassis, fuel tank, trucks and pilots
  •  Railroad specific details
  •  PRR style includes radio antenna on the Pennsylvania “A” units
  •  Operating diesel exhaust unit

TMCC Features:

  • EOB™Speed control technology
  • Electro-couplers
  • Lionel® TrainMaster® Command Equipped featuring RailSounds™ digital sound system (including horn, bell diesel-roar sounds, etc.); Crew Talk (in command ) and more...
  • RailSounds™ operates in both conventional and command modes in 3-Rail.
  •  RailSounds™ operates in command mode only in 2-Rail TMCC.
  •  Operating Mars light as appropriate by railroad

Additional 3-Rail Features:

  • “A” units include alternate full scale pilot for great scale look on curves
  •  Minimum diameter curve: O-54

QSI® Features (Atlas O Master 2-Rail Gold Series Locomotives Only)

  • Authentic diesel engine sounds
  • Squealing brakes, Doppler effect, air let-off in neutral
  • Coupler impact sounds when operated with DCC
  • Helper mode that mutes whistle and bell for double heading
  • And more!
3-Rail TMCC Item# FM Erie Built (Powered Units) 2-Rail Gold Item#

New Road Numbers!

1216-5 Pennsylvania 9469A (A) 3216-5
1216-6 Pennsylvania 9470A (A) 3216-6
1217-5 Pennsylvania 9470B (B) 3217-5

Back by Popular Demand!

1220 Santa Fe 90L (A) 3220-1
1221 Santa Fe 90A (B) 3221-1

New Paint Schemes!

1241-1 Milwaukee Road 21A (A) 3241-1
1241-2 Milwaukee Road 22A (A) 3241-2
1235-2 Milwaukee Road 21C (B) 3235-2
1243-1 New York Central* 5002 (A) 3243-1
1243-2 New York Central* 5003 (A) 3243-2
1244-1 New York Central* 5100 (B) 3244-1
Item# 3-Rail FM Erie Built (Unpowered Units) Item# 2-Rail

New Road Numbers!

1218-4 Pennsylvania 9471A (A) 2218-4
1219-4 Pennsylvania 9470B (B) 2219-4

Back by Popular Demand!

1222 Santa Fe 90B (A) 2222
1223 Santa Fe 90A (B) -

New Paint Schemes!

1242-1 Milwaukee Road 21B (A) 2242-1
1242-2 Milwaukee Road 22B (A) 2242-2
1236-2 Milwaukee Road 5B (B) 2236-2
1245-1 New York Central* 5004 (A) 2245-1
1245-2 New York Central* 5005 (A) 2245-2
1246-1 New York Central* 5101 (B) 2246-1

*CSX Licensed Product

Estimated Delivery: July 2009

MSRP 3-Rail TMCC: $449.95
MSRP 2-Rail Gold: $449.95

Unpowered MSRP: $219.95


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