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New Road Names!
Comet II Commuter and Horizon Passenger Cars


Features Include:

  • Full scale length, approximately 21.5"

  • Each Comet car is available in both coach and commuter cab versions

  • Each Horizon car is available in both coach and dinette versions

  • Accurate scale details

  • Separately applied metal handrails

  • Rubber tubular-type diaphragms on each end ( 1 on the Comet commuter cab car)

  • Interior seating

  • Accurate inside-bearing commuter trucks (Comet)

  • Accurate-modeled die-cast Superliner II trucks (Horizon)

  • Operating tail lights (operating tail lights and headlight on cab car)

  • Accurate painting and lettering

  • 2 rail version equipped with scale wheelsets and body-mounted Kadee compatible couplers

  • Die-cast operating couplers (3-rail)

  • Minimum radius (3-Rail): O-54

  • Minimum diameter curve: (2-Rail): 36"

2-rail versions feature body-mounted scale knuckle couplers and scale 33" wheelsets.

Four road numbers are available for the Horizon Coach and the Comet Coach cars. The Horizon Dinette will have two road numbers per road name and the Comet II Cab Car will have one road number per road name.




Horizon Coach - New Paint Schemes!
6226 Undecorated 7226
6237 Amtrak (Phase IV) 7237
6239 Amtrak (Phase V) 7239

Horizon Dinette - New Paint Schemes!

6227 Undecorated 7227
6238 Amtrak (Phase IV) 7238
6240 Amtrak (Phase V) 7240
Comet II Coach - New Paint Schemes!
6228 Undecorated 7228
6241 Connecticut DOT (Gov. Jonathon Trumbull, Gov. Ella T. Grasso, Noah Webster, Fairfield County) 7241
6243 Metro-North (Robert Fulton, Sojourner Truth) 7243
6245 NJ Transit 7245

Comet II Cab Car

6229 Undecorated 7229
6242 Connecticut DOT (The Danbury Hatter) 7242
6244 Metro-North (The Maria Mitchell Comet) 7244
6246 NJ Transit 7246


MSRP  3-Rail & 2-Rail: $99.95

Estimated Delivery: December  2008


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