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      O ACF® 17,360 Gallon Tank Cars


A member of the most regulated division of the freight car community, tank cars were used to transport both hazardous and non-hazardous materials along the rails. The Atlas O 17,360 Gallon Tank Car is modeled after American Car and Foundry's insulated general service tank car and designed primarily for transporting chlorine.

Features Include:
-Scale handrails
-Metal safety bars, tank fittings and safety placards
-Accurate painting and printing
-Separately-applied details
-Die-cast stirrups
-100 ton roller-bearing trucks with rotating bearing caps
-Minimum diameter curve (3-Rail): O-45
-Minimum radius curve (2-Rail): 24"

End detail 1
End detail 2
Top detail 1
Top detail 2
Printing detail




8250 Undecorated 9250
8261 ACFX 9261
8262 GATX 9262
8263 Occidental Chemical 9263
8264 Hooker 9264
8265 SHPX 9265

Two road numbers are available per road name, except for ACFX and GATX, which will have four road numbers.

MSRP 3-rail: $64.95
MSRP 2-rail: $69.95

Estimated Delivery: December 2007

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