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Fifth Release From the Former InterMountain Line!

  O 40' 1937 AAR Box Car - Double Door Version

Just like its single door counterpart, the 40’ 1937 AAR Double Door Box Car is well constructed with high quality craftsmanship. Featuring accurate painting and lettering, this 40’ 1937 AAR Double Door Box Car, from the former InterMountain Line, captures the history and nostalgia of the real life model with great detail.

Features Include:

Please note: Atlas "O" scale couplers can also be used on both 2-rail and 3-rail versions.

Four road numbers are available per road name.




8700 Undecorated 9700
8701 Chesapeake & Ohio* 9701
8703 GM&O 9703
8704 Union Pacific 9704
8705 Western Maryland* 9705

Limited Edition

8702 Great Northern 9702


3-Rail MSRP: $54.95

2-Rail MSRP: $57.95

Limited Edition 3-Rail MSRP: $59.95

Limited Edition 2-Rail MSRP: $62.95



Estimated Delivery: February 2005

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