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Atlas O 2-Rail Nickel Silver Scale Track System

Atlas O's track hallmarks of realism, performance and reliability also applied to our 2-Rail track. This selection of track is the only U.S. prototype Track System for O Scale. Each track section is precision-molded with qualilty craftmanship and exquisite detailing and just like our 3-Rail track, we use solid nickel silver T-rail for extra stability and superior electrical conductivity and brown ties for prototypical realism.


  • Code 148 Solid Nickel Silver Rail

  • American prototype ties and tie spacing with correct spike, and tie plate and bolt details

  • Dark brown tie strip

  • Turnouts feature highly detailed metal insulated frogs and points

  • Metal frog can be powered if desired

  • UV compatible: great for both indoor and outdoor use

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Atlas O 2-Rail Nickel Silver Track w/Brown Ties 

7050 10" Straight
7051 4-1/2" Straight
7052 1-3/4" Straight (4 pcs./blister)
7056 40" Flex Track with Simulated Wood Ties
7080 90 Degree Crossing
7081 45 Degree Crossing
7011 40.5" Radius Full Curve
7012 40.5" Radius 1/3 Curve (2 pk.)
7013 45” Radius Full Curve
7014 49.5” Radius Full Curve
7016 54" Radius Full Curve
7062 36" Radius Full Curve
7063 36" Radius Half Curve
7021 #7.5 Left Hand Turnout
7022 #7.5 Right Hand Turnout
7024 #5 Left Hand Turnout
7025 #5 Right Hand Turnout
7074 Wye Turnout
7090 Terminal Joiners (1 pair/bag)
7091 Nickel Silver Rail Joiners
7093 Insulated Rail Joiners
7098 Left Hand Switch Machine
7099 Right Hand Switch Machine

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