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  O 33,000 Gallon Tank Car

The ACF® "whale body" 33,156 gallon tank car was designed to haul liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and anhydrous ammonia. Originally built in the early 1960s, you can still find these cars in service today. The Atlas O model captures the look and feel of the prototype with state-of-the-art detailing and construction.

Features Include:
-True 1/4" scale dimensions and details
-Realistic see-through roof walks
-Separately-applied grab irons
-Die-cast sprung 100-ton roller-bearing trucks with separately-applied brake detail
-Die-cast articulated couplers
-Accurate painting and printing
-Approximate length: 17"
-Minimum diameter curve: O-45 (3-rail)
-Minimum radius curve: 36" (2-rail)

Please note: Atlas "O" scale couplers can also be used on both 2-rail and 3-rail versions.

Two road numbers are available per road name.

(Technical artwork and N scale models shown)





O 33,000 Gallon Tank Car
New Road Names!

6400 Undecorated 7400
6409 ACFX (White) 7409
6410 Cal Gas (Gray/White/Red) 7410
6411 GLNX (Blue/White) 7411
6412 Wanda Petroleum (Silver/Red) 7412

O 33,000 Gallon Tank Car New Road Numbers!

6407 CNTX (Black/White) 7407


3-RAIL MSRP: $54.95

2-RAIL MSRP: $59.95



Estimated Delivery: November 2004

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