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New Paint Schemes!
O 36' Wood Refrigerator Cars

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Features Include:
-Accurate painting and lettering
-Highly detailed ABS body
-Separately-applied grab irons, ladders and stirrups
-Hatch styles and truss rods appropriate per road name
-Separately-applied door hardware
-Opening hatches and doors
-Die-cast chassis
-Detailed braking system
-40-ton Bettendorf-style die-cast sprung trucks
-Die-cast articulated couplers (3-rail)
-Die-cast scale couplers with internally sprung knuckles (2-rail)
-33” scale metal wheels (2-rail)
-Minimum diameter curve (3-rail): O-31
-Minimum radius curve (2-rail): 24”

Note: Atlas O body mounted scale couplers can be used on both 2-rail and 3-rail versions.

Two road numbers are available per road name except for Milwaukee 2-Pack which has one.





8000-1 Undecorated 9000-1
8000-2 Undecorated w/Truss Rods 9000-2
  New Paint Schemes!  
8061 A.R. Loomis 9061
8062 Dubuque 9062
8063 Nuckolls Refrigerator Line 9063
  Milwaukee Brew 2-Pack  
8064 Old Heidelberg/Schlitz 9064

MSRP 3-Rail:
MSRP 2-Rail: $67.95

2-Pack MSRP 3-Rail: $125.90
2-Pack MSRP 2-Rail: $135.90

Estimated Delivery: December 2008

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