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O General American 53'6" Wood Express Reefer

New Paint Schemes!


At one time, the express refrigerator car was a common component of the nation's passenger trains. These cars provided fast delivery of perishable, high value crops and goods that demanded the speediest service the railroads could deliver. Since many of the cars were equipped with collapsible ice bunker bulkheads, the cars could double in mail and express package service.

The General American 53' 6" Wood Express Refrigerator cars were among the most common cars of this type used in the US. Not only were they used by many class 1 railroads in express mail and passenger service, they were perhaps best known in the liveries of the express companies, such as American Railway Express and Railway Express Agency.

Features Include:

  • Sprung die-cast GSC Commonwealth express car trucks

  • All metal ladders, stirrups and grab irons

  • Detailed underframe

  • Opening doors and roof hatches

  • Accurate painting and lettering

  • Approximate length: 13.5"

  • Minimum radius curve (2-Rail): 36"

  • Minimum diameter curve (3-Rail): O-36

Note: Atlas O body mounted scale couplers can be used on both 2-rail and 3-rail versions.

Four road numbers are available per road name.

3-Rail Item#

Road Name

2-Rail Item#

3001000 Undecorated 3002000

New Paint Schemes!

3001015 American Refrigerator Transit Co. 3002015
3001016 Lehigh Valley 3002016
3001017 Missouri-Kansas-Texas 3002017
3001018 St. Louis Southwestern 3002018

Products bearing M-K-T and St. Louis Southwestern marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.

MSRP 3-Rail: $74.95
MSRP 2-Rail: $79.95

Estimated Delivery: January 2010

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