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70 Ton Covered Hopper
New Paint Schemes!


Introduced by American Car & Foundry (ACF®) in the mid-1930s, the 70 Ton Covered Hopper, with 1958 cu.ft. capacity, offered an improved design for the transport of dry bulk goods. The car proved to be widely popular and could be found on most major rail lines. Thousands of cars were built, not only by ACF®, but by the other major builders as well. The cars led very productive service lives  until the 1970s, and some may still be found in maintenance-of-way on-line service.

Features Include:
-True 1/4" dimensions and details
-Open triangular or closed side panels as appropriate per road name
-Die-cast chassis
-Operating hatch locking mechanism
-All metal grab irons and stirrups
-Accurate painting and lettering
-Minimum Diameter Curve (3-Rail): O-36
-Minimum Radius Curve (2-Rail): 24"

Four road numbers are available per road name.





New Paint Schemes!


Undecorated (Open side)

8358 Chesapeake & Ohio* 9358
8359 Western Maryland* 9359
8385 Chicago & North Western 9385
8386 International Minerals 9386
8387 Jersey Central (ex-LNE) 9387
*CSX Licensed Product
Products bearing Chicago & North Western marks are made under trademark license from Union Pacific Railroad Company.

MSRP 3-Rail: $69.95
MSRP 2-Rail: $74.95

Estimated Delivery: April 2009

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