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New Road Numbers & Paint Schemes!

O 40' Steel Reefers

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This model is based on the Pacific Fruit Express R-40-10 class reefer which was built in 1936 & 1937. This reefer was a very successful design for PFE and the 4,700 cars that were built constituted one of the largest orders ever for refrigerator cars.

Features Include:

  • True 1/4" dimensions and details
  • Die-cast ladders, stirrups and grab irons
  • Weighted chassis
  • 50-ton Bettendorf trucks
  • Prototypical painting and lettering
  • Simulated Aluminum finish on 2-pack cars
  • Scale 33" wheels and scale couplers (2-rail)
  • Minimum diameter curve: O-36 (3-rail)
  • Minimum radius curve: 24" (2-rail)

Please note: Atlas "O" scale couplers can also be used on both 2-rail and 3-rail versions.

Two road numbers are available per road name except for the two-pack, which has one per road name.




8500 Undecorated 9500

New Road Numbers!

8502 Lackawanna 9502
8509 PFE Express 9509

New Paint Schemes!

8535 Canadian National 9535
8536 Dubuque Packing 9536
8537 Illinois Central 9537
8538 Wilson Car Lines 9538
8539 Aluminum Reefer 2-Pack
(contains 1 each of):
Illinois Central 51000 & Pacific Fruit express 45698



3-Rail MSRP: $69.95

2-Rail MSRP: $74.95


3-Rail 2-Pack MSRP: $144.95

2-Rail 2-Pack MSRP: $154.95



Estimated Delivery: May 2011

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