Press Release
For Immediate Release
October 9, 2006

Atlas O Announces Their First Steam Locomotive

Hillside, NJ—On Monday, October 9th, Atlas O announced their first steam locomotive, the USRA 0-6-0 Switcher. This locomotive marks Atlas O’s long awaited entry into producing steam locomotives and is the first in the new Founders™ Series of locomotives that Atlas O will be producing. Originally hinted at on the rear covers of Atlas O’s locomotive and freight car catalogs in 2005-2006, this locomotive will be on display at the TCA Meet in York on October 19th and play a prominent role in the Atlas O “Behind the Booth” Seminar.

"The 'Founders™ Series' is dedicated to the two individuals that are credited with starting Atlas--Stephan Schaffan, (1877-1948) and his son Stephan J. Schaffan Jr. (1918-1983), whose commitment to excellence in tool-making, engineering and the model railroad industry  continues to serve as a daily example and guiding light to present and future generations of Atlas employees and family members." said Thomas Haedrich, CEO of Atlas Model Railroad Co. and Atlas O, LLC.

“This locomotive, and Atlas O’s participation in the steam locomotive market, has long been clamored for.” said Jim Weaver, Vice President of Atlas O, LLC. “Like any Atlas O locomotive, the greatest care has been taken in the production of this model so it not only does justice to a great era of railroading, but to the Atlas O customers who have high expectations for such a product.”

The 0-6-0 is based upon a standardized design created by the United States Railway Administration (USRA) and was a frequent sight on railroads big and small throughout the country. Four road names will be available upon release, including Burlington, Central of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Union Pacific. Two road numbers will be available per road name. A painted but unlettered model will also be offered.

This die-cast locomotive and tender will feature railroad specific details, separately applied whistle and bell cords & boiler piping, opening cab roof hatches, movable cab windows and engineer and fireman figures. Also included will be truck chains on the tender, an illuminated headlight and tender back-up light, opening tender water hatch for easy access to control switches and more.

As with all new Atlas O locomotives, the steam locomotive will be accurately painted and printed and released in 3-Rail TMCC, 2-Rail Silver and 2-Rail Gold versions.

The 2-Rail Silver model features include an operating smoke unit and full-scale couplers and wheelsets. Silver Series locomotives are DCC ready, but not equipped.

The 2-Rail Gold version features the QSI® Quantum System™ (for authentic steam locomotive sounds, squealing brakes, Doppler effect, coupler impact sounds and more), an operating smoke unit and full scale couplers and wheelsets.

3-Rail TMCC features include EOB™ Speed Control Technology, Lionel® TrainMaster® Command Equipped RailSounds™ digital sound, and operating smoke unit and operating electro couplers.

The minimum diameter curve for the 3-Rail version is O-36. The minimum radius curve for 2-Rail versions is 24”.

The 0-6-0 is expected to be available for ordering in the Atlas O November 2006 Mini-Catalog. Delivery is slated for April 2007. Pricing is TBA-York. More information as it becomes available will be posted at .


(Pre-production locomotive shown below)

Taken circa 1940, this photo shows the young Stephan Schaffan Jr., left, with his dad, Stephan Schaffan Sr.